Our Story


DMV’sthemove is a concert platform based in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia (DMV) area that provides a unique platform for fans to discover experience and share live concerts—whether it’s catching up on a missed event or reliving the atmosphere of a past show—we’re you’re one stop shop. We provide an enriched space for fans to thoroughly experience the culture of live music—from the casual fan to the concert enthusiast, we fulfill your every concert need.


The opportunity to attend a live musical experience is often limited due to ones lack of awareness. With this issues steadily looming, we decided to become the solution. Whether it’s a platinum artist or a buzzing indie act, you can look to us for your musical needs.


It’s more than just live entertainment, but rather an unforgettable experience. We dedicate ourselves to this culture as we have created the full package. We are the destination for your concert inquires, ticket purchases and news updates.


You can only recall but so much, yet with our exclusive footage, photos and reviews, you can relive the experience over and over again.


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Joshua Pollard


My mission is simple, to revolutionize concert discovery!

Dennis Harrison


Music makes the world go round. The energy from a packed out show stops time. Here at DMVsthemove we plan to showcase the impact of live music.

Anthony Drayton

CIO | Photographer

Have you ever truly experienced a concert, a live festival? Well we're here not to only help you discover it, but to RE-LIVE it!

Quiana Atherly

Entertainment Personality

Networking to bring the artist that much closer to their audience. There's nothing more exciting or fulfilling than connecting with the artist behind the music you love. The movement isn't possible without 'YOU'!


Anthony Simpson

Editor in Chief

Capturing the culture of live musical events through words; providing readers with an one of a kind experience.

Daleel Dickenson

Content Manager

I want to offer a platform to connect fans with the artist and to the culture to insure that the people never feel disconnected.