Our Story


DMV’sthemove is an online platform for concert enthusiast!

The impetus for developing the DMVsthemove website grew out of our frustration over not being able to locate a concert website that provided a comprehensive list of all the concerts, in the area, that we wanted to see and the lifestyle it entails. After subscribing to multiple email lists from artists, venues and other concert tracking websites, we still constantly missed shows that were being held in our area.  Also, there wasn’t a website that truly represented the life-changing experience of seeing your favorite artist, live and catching up with them on there time in our town.  So, we decided to step up to the challenge and give fans what we as a fan ourselves feel would best serve them.

DMVsthemove is a place to discover, see what you missed, share, and participate in everything the concert lifestyle has to offer. We wanted to make this process as easy as possible from not only creating a site that would help you discover new events but also connecting fans with their favorite artist not only on the stage but just as much off the stage.

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Joshua Pollard


My mission is simple, to revolutionize concert discovery!

Dennis Harrison


Music make the world go round. The energy from a packed out show stops time. Here at DMV'sthemove we plan to showcase the impact of live music.

Anthony Drayton

CIO | Photographer

Have you ever truly experienced a Concert, a Live Festival? Well we're here not to only help you Discover it, but to Re-live it!

Quiana Atherly

Entertainment Personality

Networking to bring the artist that much closer to their audience. There's nothing more exciting or fulfilling than connecting with the artist behind the music you love. The movement isn't possible without 'YOU'!